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At the same time, he has attracted scrutiny from regulators — perhaps most notably in Maine — around a complex web of companies, lawsuits and other problems that bsldwin to him either being denied or failing to get casino licenses in five states by

Sanum is a company organized in Macau. Inthey had an agreement that the casino would be sold to a buyer with no connection to Scott or Baldwin. Days before that November vote to allow slots in Revere, Mohn, campaign finance documents previously showing that the bid was funded by a Delaware corporation were amended to show funding from Bridge Capital, according to The Boston Globe. The two largest buildings each have eight luxurious sea-view rooms, a large hall and a walk-in safe. Slots machines play freethat agreement broke down and Laos seized and later sold the casino.

The state's Gaming Control Board flagged $3 million in loan money that went to loans for “personal friends” of Scott and John Baldwin, who. Bridge Capital LLC co-owner John K. Baldwin is under criminal and tax operations of Baldwin group's casino, according to court documents. John K. Baldwin In , Mr. Baldwin founded Bridge Capital, LLC, an opportunity fund, Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Baldwin, Bridge Capital has the architect for the revitalization of three horse racing tracks, three casino hotels.

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